The world's first
UX Certification
designed for project managers

UX-PM introduction video

What is UX-PM?

UX-PM is an international training program certified by UXalliance

The certification positions project managers to:

  • Advocate a user-centered approach to product and service design
  • Integrate UX tools and methods to improve product quality and process efficiency
  • Decide where and when to make UX investments and trace the impact of those investments

For organizations and individuals

  • Organizations boost project success rates, build capacity in their project management force and acquire methods to differentiate products
  • Project managers gain the know-how to initiate, execute and lead UX projects and programs
  • Decide where and when to make UX investments and trace the impact of those investments
Designed for project managers | Certified by UXalliance | Internationally recognized
  • Intended for project managers
  • Certified and aggregated
  • International recognition

Training Program

  • 1

    Adopting UX

    Learn key UX concepts, become a UX advocate in your organization and promote a user-centered approach to digital design projects.

  • 2

    Executing UX

    Integrate UX tools and methods to optimize quality, and efficiency at each stage of a digital project.

  • 3

    Leading UX

    Maximize your investment in UX at every stage of the project cycle from creating a business case, building a UX team, project planning, estimation, implementation, and continuous measurement.


  • Jean Philippe Bourdarie Jean-Philippe BOURDARIE
    Director & co-founder
    at Axance Paris, France
    “The UX-PM adds value to your career and brings you many tools which allows you to be efficient and to improve your project.”
  • Marion Langlais Marion LANGLAIS
    Business manager
    S'Team Paris, France
    “Our consultants will be able to gain more skills and knowledge through a comprehensive training of the UX’s approach.”

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