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UX-PM introduction video

What is UX-PM?

UX-PM is an international User Experience (UX) training program certified by UXalliance

Benefits for project & product managers:

  • Learn how to adopt a customer centric approach when designing products and services
  • Integrate the UX methodology in an Agile development cycle
  • Discover a UX toolbox to improve product quality and process efficiency

Benefits for organizations

  • Change the conversation, UX as an investment not a cost, measure the impact on ROI
  • Build internal capacity, provide a great experience and boost project success rates
  • Develop a UX maturity model to initiate change towards a customer centric organization
Designed for project managers | Certified by UXalliance | Internationally recognized
  • Intended for project managers

  • Certified and aggregated

  • International recognition

Training Program

  • 1

    Adopting UX

    Learn key UX concepts and practices to enhance your design process, become a UX ambassador in your organization, and promote a customer centric approach to your digital projects.

  • 2

    Executing UX

    Integrate UX tools to optimize quality, and efficiency at each stage of a digital project. Learn quick methods to move from the business objectives to a UX strategy.

  • 3

    Leading UX

    Increase the level of UX maturity in the organization, understand what expertise is needed to help with this transformation and measure the impact of UX on the entire process.


  • Jean-Philippe BOURDARIE Jean-Philippe BOURDARIE
    Director & co-founder
    at Axance Paris, France

    “The UX-PM adds value to your career and brings you many tools which allows you to be efficient and to improve your project.”

  • Marion Langlais Marion LANGLAIS
    Business manager
    S'Team Paris, France

    “Our consultants will be able to gain more skills and knowledge through a comprehensive training of the UX’s approach.”

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